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The Hatchery has been supporting the tech community since 2007 with business execution and access driven gatherings bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations.

In the effort to build great companies there are many lessons to learn - sometimes the hard way. We are capturing the experiences from smart people with perspective from breadth and repeated successes. Read More




VIP E-Commerce with L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture…

Tuesday, October 7 | 6pm

An invitation only intimate event for e-commerce professionals.

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Techspeak for Entrepreneurs

Saturday, October 18 | All Day

Learn the entire development process using Lean and Agile methodologies, so you communicate effectively with your development team, see the red flags & catch mistakes earlier, MINIMIZING the damage...

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Hatch Match 2014

Tuesday, October 21 | 5pm

One of NYC's largest investor gatherings. 800+ investor meetings in one evening.

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