What to Expect

The Hatchery’s Gauntlet Events embody the principle of Venture Collaboration.  At their core is an interactive process affording 3 emerging companies, with a proven track record and history of outside investment to each take the stage for 30 minutes apiece.  They will present for 7 minutes, and then a panel of specialists/investors in that event’s respective theme will take 15 minutes interrogating the presenters in front of an audience comprised of investors (Private Equity, VC, Early Stage, Fortune 500, Angel), corporate executives, analysts and members of the press. There can be up to 4-5 minutes of questions from the audience.

The Gauntlet events each year are all by invitation only. As stated earlier, each one focuses on a particular “hot” vertical for that year. Previous verticals have included:  mobile, interactive advertising, digital media, enterprise, financial services, gaming, social media an digital media. The event series has garnered its share of attention domestically and internationally.

Gauntlets are held in partnership with Associations: IAB, Astia, Keiretsu, Levin Institute Universities:  Columbia, NYU, CUNY, St Johns Consulates:  New Zealand, United Kingdom, Israel Think of it like this, The Gauntlet is where American Idol meets Venture Capital.

Everyone learns something from the experience and they ALL play a part: The Panelist This is where one’s inner SImon Cowell emerges. Panelists offer their insight, and expertise working from information provided about the presenter in advance in the form of a concise one-pager. Now is the not the time to be shy.  Panelists are encouraged to question, critique and be brutally honest. Their mandate is to draw out information and extract the truth, whether it be good, bad or ugly. The Gauntlet is followed by a private reception for the panelists, presenters and select guests.


The Audience

The Gauntlet kicks off with a 30 minute reception where audience members will familiarize themselves with the community, having the opportunity to meet fellow investors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. Audience members come by special invitation and are there because of their particular focus, interest and affinity with the event’s respective theme. Here is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a particular vertical by directly interacting with the presenters and analysts and experiencing the presentations first hand. The Presenter The timers starts and there’s no turning back. Presenters will have up to 24 minutes of face-time with the audience and panelists. 7 minutes to give the tightest and most comprehensive pitch of their lives to an invitation only audience of a 100+, including an expert panel of investors, analysts and industry specialists. Unlike any other forum in NYC, it allows entrepreneurs to reach a diverse cross section of the investment and business community who can help them succeed.  Presenters are  invited to the private reception afterwards with the panelists, presenters, and select guests.



  • Invitation ONLY
  • Business Attire – Jacket & Tie
  • Invitation to one event does not guarantee to others
  • Punctuality – please arrive on time
  • Solicitations prohibited
  • RSVP in advance – do not show up at door without
  • RSVP is not transferrable
  • Advance notice to Hatchery for bringing guests
  • Hatchery reserves right to refuse admittance
  • Events will be recorded – Your attendance is blanket release of use in video.


Submission Guidelines

If you want to run the gauntlet, fill out an online form here.

Please submit a powerpoint presentation and one-pager as well.

A 7 minute short video of you presenting is both helpful and beneficial, and mandatory for those presenting from outside the United States.

Three presenters will be selected for the Gauntlet. Schedule for and allot time to go through the scheduled mentoring and training on the:

  • Business Plan
  • Pitch
  • Presentation Style

Presenters should focus on the follow areas for their presentation:

  • Problem/Solution (What we solve)
  • Market (Customer description, market size)
  • Industry/Competition (Supply chain, competitors, etc.)
  • Operations (What we do/how we do it)
  • Financials (Key assumptions, financial growth targets or customer targets, etc.)
  • Team (Who are we)

What you need to know


Presenters: Need to know


  • Three companies are given 7 minutes to pitch their business to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • A panel of 4-5 relevant experts has15 minutes to provide feedback and post questions to the company.
  • The audience asks the company 2-3 questions.


  • Attendance is by invitation only.
  • The audience is made up of potential investors, partners and other entrepreneurs.
  • They can give advice, evangelize your business, make introductions and even provide funding.


  • A new business concept with a sizeable market and growth potential.
  • Businesses that create unique value for your customers.
  • Businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • An experienced management team worth betting on.
  • Inspiration, excitement, a connection with the entrepreneur, and of course, a tickling of the greed impulse that will make them want to get involved.


  • Focus on what the audience needs to know, not what you want to say.
    • Be selective in what you say, you have 7 minutes. What are the critical issues and points?
    • Demonstrate how your company will earn high returns?
    • Why should an investor fund your business over others?
    •  Slides illustrate and support your speaking points. They are not to be read.
  • Slides must be visually appealing; text should be easily read, graphics understood.
    • Prioritize where audience eyeballs will focus on screen.
    • Font must be visible to a room of 200 people.
    • No more than 3 key points per slide. Ensure your key points are identified upfront in your discussion.
    • Limit words per slide. Use phrases only.
  • Time presentation so it is no longer than 7 minutes. You will get cut off after that.
    • Generally, 7 minutes equates to 7-12 slides.
  • General content guidelines:(these are guidelines. Try to incorporate these slides, not necessarily in this order but it would be to your benefit if it was included)

Slide 1: Market for problem or need being addressed

Demonstrate a sizable market.

Outline growth potential.

Slide 2: Your value proposition (solving the problem)

Describe product or service offering with features and benefits.

Describe unique value you provide.

Slide 3: The business model

Define current business status (e.g. concept development, beta-testing, revenue generating, in expansion)

Define your business operations: what do you do/how?

Outline all revenue streams [that’s technically your revenue model]

Slide 4: Current customers

Define target customer group(s).

Who are your current customers?

Outline near-term segment vs. long-term segment opportunities.

Slide 5: Competition and competitive advantages

Describe your “secret sauce” and why it is sustainable.

Define your current competition, projected competition and your competitive advantage in relation to them.

What are barriers to entry for potential competitors? Do you own any intellectual property?)

What is your cost per customer relative to competition.

Slide 6: Growth strategies

Sales strategies.

Distribution channel strategies.

Marketing and communications strategies.

Strategic partnerships and alliances (with agreements in place.)

Keys to customer adoption and success.

Slide 7: Operations

How you will achieve scale.

The exit strategy.

Slide 8: Management Team

Team members and roles.

Highlight relevant experience only.

Summarize why team is qualified to bet on.

Slide 9: Milestones

Critical achievements.

Deadline for each achievement.

Slide 10: 3-Year Summary projections


Operating Expenses.


Volume and/or users.

Slide 11: Resources you are seeking



Partnerships and/or introductions.

Slide 12: Company contact name and information



  • Tell a cohesive story
  • Focus on what will make you successful
  • Focus on main point of each slide and move on
  • Keep attention of audience on speaker not slides
  • Acknowledge point of each question before answering
  • Use best speaker on management team to present
  • Rehearse audio with video
  • Practice with timer, do not exceed allotted time
  • Memorize presentation
  • Speak at conversational speed
  • Vary voice intonation and gestures
  • Practice standing
  • Make eye contact with audience members
  • Dress in professional attire
  • Be engaging, exciting and motivating
  • Acknowledge the point of each question before answering

Exude confidence!