A partner in building companies and communities 


The Hatchery focuses on revenue and growth in accelerating companies.  Core to this is working with the company to demonstrate clear viability, fundability, and business benefit.  The Hatchery is a catalyst for today’s emerging technologies becoming tomorrow’s growth sectors.  The process starts with defining a clear path to revenue.  We then work with the company to execute it each step of the way in a very integrated manner.  See us as partners to your success.

  • Pitch Presentations

Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Emerging and Established companies are forever pitching, whether it be for funding, sales or awareness. Its not what they pitch, but how they do so. The manner and style in which presentations are made, tell the audience as much about the presenter/company as the substance itself. A presentation is indeed the sum of its parts: not one story but a series of them leading from one to the next until the case is made for “pitch”.

The Hatchery works with presenters to best understand what they have to say and how to say it. Before anyone gets near to PowerPoint,  a series of questions are posed to gauge a presenter’s preparedness, self-awareness and knowledge of the subject matter:

        • what is the mission statement – one sentence
        • who comprises your team
        • what issue/pain is to be resolved/addressed
        • what is the solution
        • what is the addressable market/target markets (what are the acquisition costs)
        • what is the competitive landscape
        • is there current revenue/customers and/or clients in the pipeline
        • what are the revenue streams/sources
        • what are the financial projections
        • what are the bases/models for these projections
        • how much of an investment is envisioned
        • how will be the money be spent
        • be prepared to take questions, lots of them
  • Strategic Alliances

Funding is not enough. In order for emerging and established companies to grow they must form strategic alliances with their respective industries and target verticals.  The right alliances can change a company in amazing ways.  The Hatchery understands this completely and leverages it entire rolodex and network of executives in order to foster the relationships which will bring about success for its roster of clients.

The Hatchery will assess vertical market application opportunities:  reviewing  addressable audience, prioritizing target markets, competitive landscape, customer pipeline assessment as well as the appropriate introductions to relevant industry executives.

As an organization we identity and evaluate strategic opportunities for its clients and when called upon assist in the negotiations.

  • Funding

The Hatchery will assist in determining the answer to the most importiant questions:

        • Are you fundable?
        • Is your company scalable? poised for growth? or a lifestyle company?

Determining the responses to the above will go a long way into determining a plan of action: quantifying and qualifying readiness.  Whether it be an IPO, Acquisition, Merger or a funding round, it is of the utmost importance that the entire package be thorough and complete in every detail: Due Diligence, Financial Models, Market Analysis.

The Hatchery takes a long term approach with all of its clients, working side by side to develop all the necessary collateral: Business Plan, Executive Summary, Sales & Marketing Plans, Tactical Plans and Pitch & Sales Presentations. These documents will follow a company from its inception to its intimate exit.

The Hatchery has partnered with an Investment Bank – Corinthian Partners. This relationship makes possible the direct and legal involvement in Private Placements, M&A Deals and Turnaround transactions. As such when entering into fund raising will call upon their expertise and network of investors to facilitate the process.

  • Technology

Technology services will be carried out by The Hatchery’s technology professionals in concert with the client’s vision and approach of its founders. The shared objective is to successfully bring the business vision to reality and in doing so build out the requisite technology and solution mapped against budgetary and market constraints.


Event Partner

The Hatchery is an ideal partner for tech events and gatherings from positioning events that are valuable to the entrepreneur community to content, speakers, audience, and promotion. Custom content can be arranged for focused groups.



Speaking, Workshops

The Hatchery management team speaks on innovation, building companies, and investing. A 11 point workshop is available on turning ideas into companies.